Benefits of SEO Friendly Web Directory

If you own a website and perform SEO and promotion yourself, you certainly know that Google and other major search engines can bring your site with huge traffic and you want to do your best to be on top of the search results. You also know that the quality of text content and the use of proper meta tags are all important. There are a number of ways to get links for your website and one of them is submission to web directory.

Submitting to web directories is known as a powerful tool when it comes to website promotion. A web directory is a website accepting web listings that are being categorized and sub-categorized. When submitting your site to web directories, the link into your site is then added. As you learned, link popularity is a crucial factor to obtain higher rankings. When your link is being added on a page that has good PR, then it will be a plus into the link popularity of your site.

When the link of your website is placed on pages that have good PR, then it will be a boost to your link popularity since the website will get a piece of the PR of the page. If there are more links into your website, then you will also get higher search engine rankings. However, you should remember that the links should be natural and relevant. The links should be SEO friendly and must be on the page with some PR, surround be relevant text content and there should not be over 30 website links because anything more than that can devaluate a piece of PR that your website is getting from the page.

Web directories offering such links are called SEO friendly web directory and is worth even paying small amount to submit since the link will be found and indexed by Google and the rest of other search engines in a short period of time and will be a huge advantage when it comes to your website link popularity.

Web directory listing usually consists of linked title, description and URL and can display as well the site homepage thumbnail, detailed description, Page Rank, visitor reviews and others, the listing can be free or paid. So how can you find web directories? Using search engines can aid you in finding directories you can use. But others would prefer using categorized list of rated and reviewed web directories where they are reviewed by a lot of webmasters. This saves you a lot of time on searching directories that won’t actually give you the traffic and boost on search engine rankings that you desire.

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