Benefits of Using WordPress for your Website

If you planned of starting a new blog or web site, you will find varieties of platforms where you can base your website or blog site on. Literally, there are hundreds of platforms to select from. Some of them are free while others come with a subscription fee. As they say, the best things in life are free and the same thing goes for the best blogging platform today: WordPress.

WordPress has already been around for some time now and the software is supported by a community of volunteers who gave up their free time to develop and create the software program and the tons of plugins available to accompany it. They have done an excellent job and have created the best blogging platform.

If you have not tried WordPress, it is definitely worth giving it a look. You can make an account and create a blog without spending anything. However, there is some sort of limitations in using this free version but it clearly depends on what you want to use your website for. There is another version of WordPress that you can download from This is the same software but it does not have limitations on its uses. But you will require a domain and ftp program as well as the know-how to upload and install. The good news is that it also comes for free.

WordPress has thousand of benefits to offer to its users. Here are some of the most popular advantages that come with using WordPress in building your website or blog site.

• There is a wide selection of themes – You can find thousands of free WordPress themes to select from and they are all available through the user dashboard. If the look of your blog does not seem to be appealing or is extremely boring, you always have the choice to change its appearance with just few clicks of the mouse. All of your pages, posts and images will be transferred automatically over to your new theme or template.

• Easy to use – This platform comes with an easy user interface. It won’t take a lot of time to master the admin dashboard. In addition, there are lots of help and documentation right at your fingertips when you get stuck. Using the dashboard is fairly easy as it is well set out. You can effortlessly add pages, images and posts within minutes.

• Plugins are available – Plugins are an addition for WordPress. When looking to add different function into your website, you can find a plugin for it. These plugins are accessible through the dashboard. You just have to search for the plugin that you want and turn your blog into a link directory, article directory or anything you want using a simple plugin.

There are a lot of other advantages of using WordPress. It is very easy to maintain and it is the most popular blogging platform and is regularly updated. Most hosting companies support it and it is very easy to update with security patches. WordPress can be used as a website, a blog site or both. Google and other search engines love it and they keep on coming back to check for newer contents.

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