Ways to Add More Security to your Website

There are several ways that you can add security to your website.

Tools for Website Cross Browser Capability Testing

Building your site to work properly and at the same time look good in different browsers is a fact of business dealt by web designers.

Benefits of Using WordPress for your Website

If you planned of starting a new blog or web site, you will find varieties of platforms where you can base your website or blog site on.

How to secure your WordPress

Although WordPress has made it easier for website owners to create and manage their website

Best HTML Practices to Follow

Most web pages you come across with are presented through HTML, the markup language of the internet.

Complying to W3C Web Standards

According to W3C standards, Open Web Platform for development of application has the unprecedented capability

Web Programming – The Crucial Role of Web Programmers

Web programmers have a major role in developing a great website. A lot of us failed to realize what involves in programming or the things it brings about.

The Basics Web Design and Web Programming

Web programming implies computer programming of web designs, internet languages and several web technicalities.

W3C Web Design Standards

W3C website design and programming standards determine an Open Web Platform for application

Good Website Structure

To fully understand the basic concept of web structure for a successful website programming and design strategy,