Choosing the Right Domain Name

Not so many website owners know how to select the right domain name. When launching a website and thinking about selecting the best domain that would work for your site, here are some tips you can follow.
• Come up with five top keywords – When you started first with your search for domain name, it would help a lot to have five keywords or key phrases in mind that would describe best the domain you are looking. After generating a list, you can start pairing them or adding prefixes and suffixes to have excellent domain ideas.

• Your domain name should be unique – Getting your site confused with popular website that is owned already by someone else can be disastrous. You should not choose those domains which are simply the plural or misspelled version of a domain that is already established.

• Prefer dot-come domains – When not worried with type-in traffic or name recognition, then you should not be concerned with this. But if you are serious in building a successful site over the long run, this should get you worried and although it is fine to drive traffic to .org or .net, owning .com is important.

• The domain should be easy to remember and type – If certain domain names demand a lot of time and attention to be typed correctly because of its length and spelling, then you are losing a considerable portion of your marketing and branding value. Also, it needs to be easy to remember as you do not want to have terrific website no one can remember to tell their friends about only because they do not remember your domain name.

• Keep the domain name short – Short names are both easy to remember and type.

• Make and meet expectations – If someone heard of your domain for the first name, then must be able to immediately and accurately guess at the type of content they can find there.

• Avoid violation on copyright – This is a mistake that not so many people make but it can kill not just a domain but also a company when done.

• Use brand to set yourself apart from others – Unique names are an excellent way of building additional value with your name.

• Avoid using numbers and hyphens – Both of these elements would make it difficult to give your name in a verbal way and can fall down on being easy to type or remember. You should avoid using numerals in domains as they can be perplexing or in worse cases could be mistaken for the others.

• It is not always good to follow the newest trends – Website names relying on bazaar misspellings or multiple hyphens are simply not the best choice. Just because everyone seemed to be doing it always means the strategy is sure-fire.

• Finally, make use of Ajax Domain Selection Tool – Sites such as Domjax and AJAXWhois would be it straightforward to determine the domain name availability. You just have to keep in mind that you need not to purchase through these services.

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