Designing Minimalist Websites

There are three key points to remember when designing minimalist websites: subject, usability and balance.

The subject is about the most important thing on the website. It is something that can make spark the interest of users and retain their focus on. Usability is the elements that can improve the functionality and user friendliness of your website. Finally is the balance between the visual hierarchy and visual weights of components.

These elements are the most vital elements when styling a web design and while other visual styles would insist for additional aesthetic layers, in the concept of minimalism, it does not.

Should you Use Minimalism?

The concept of minimalism is the basis of modern website design that starts with the content, brand and nothing else. If you would add only the necessary, you can create a website catering specifically and exclusively to its goal.

It is recommended to use minimalism in website design because there are many benefits that come with it. The first one is that this idea of designing a website usually ends up with less codes and site assets. Minimalist websites will usually have fewer CSS rules, images, HTML elements, JavaScript and others. This only means increased front end performance on the web and improved usability matched with better user experience.

However, this does not mean it has an easier design stage as it takes planning and production, like most other types of website. You should not also mess up minimalism. If you leave out superfluous elements, the design will be free and open. The lesser things to see, the fewer the distractions will be. Make sure though that you give consideration into the typography, balance and white space to come up with an excellent and good looking design.

For web designers that have artistic skill or knowledge in using Photoshop, minimalism can be a perfect way to design a website using your understanding of white space, typography and balance.
One of the main reasons to design a minimalist website is that without excessive design elements, the emphasis or focus will be on the content of the site. With more white space, different sections of your website get breathing room. As said, content is king and though a lot may not agree with this, there are some who would say content is not that important. Each line of code that you are writing is to service the content of the page in some way. The content is equally important on how accessible it is without sufficient consideration of the usability, the content is otherwise difficult to read.

Minimalistic web design does not always mean reducing to the barest essentials. In contrary, most minimalist websites include subtle design elements manifesting themselves in a remarkable and beautiful manner due to lesser distractive elements. If you decide to go minimal on your web design, you should understand the purpose of it and not just the looks. It needs to be well understood to be well executed and it does not necessarily mean your website has to look simple and bland.

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