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Email marketing is a good strategy for business owners that are searching for an easy and effective way of reaching potential customers. It is widely accepted, cost-effective and can be targeted highly, depending on your customer database.

Like anything that has something to do with online marketing, email marketing is not as simple as it may seem. Besides composing good content to make the subject line stand out, the actual presence of your email should be impressive to the client. This is where the template comes into play. The template of an email is a straightforward, single webpage layout arranged to make it appear pleasant in the context of an email client. When used in combination with online marketing software, a good template can frame the marketing message, making it look inviting and clickable.

There are varieties of approaches on template design and they come with benefits as well as drawbacks. It is very important to understand each one of them in order for you to take one that suits your business best. First, it would help to think of a template as an effectively simple webpage and as with webpage, what is displayed in emails is identified by HTML code. Though you may find ways to avoid coding together, if you want to make slight changes to template yourself, then you have to make use of HTML editing software.

The second step is selecting an email marketing service to host your database. Fortunately there are many major services that can offer you with your needed tools and code to create your own template or customize the pre-existing ones. While you may already visualize on what you want your email to look like, it would be best to get started with something that is humble and build from there. If you want to experiment with designing your own template, use the instructions and editing tools that the service you chose provides. You may consider finding a good web designer if it is something you find it difficult to do.

Before getting stuck into which approach to template design would be most appropriate, there are a few things that should be included in any template.

The first thing to consider is branding. Your business logo should be prominently displayed as part of the email and this usually appears in the header. Right above the header, it is important to have a link that allowing the recipient to view the email as a webpage. Finally, the footer of the email should provide recipients with a way to opt out of receiving the email.

After deciding on the header and footer of the template, the next thing to do is to select a design approach that would suit best what you try to convey to the recipients of the email. There are three basic approaches to designing a template namely a single image, custom HTML template and pre-made templates. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider which of them would suit best what your business tries to do with email marketing.

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