How to Find your perfect online customer

It is a simple logic that everyone knows that if you want to make money, then you need to have customers. How many, how often, and where they are from should, and will look different for every business.

You can go with the old rule that the top 20% of your customers will bring in 80% of your revenue has never been more true. It’s obvious; you want to sell to everyone you can, the more people you reach with your product or services and the more revenue you will generate on perfect basis. However, capturing that bottom 80% is significantly tougher than the first 20% that will more actively seek your product.

In order to serve your business better, cultivate something called your ‘perfect customer’. The perfect customer is that person for whom your product was made for. The person you know you can count on to spread the good word about your and your product and how shares the core values your business was founded on.

You can truly serve these customers and they will keep you focused on the mission you originally set out on, not allowing it to get watered down trying to cover everyone. A perfect customer is like having another employee, an ambassador even, out there for you and you can count on them to keep you in line with the values you founded your business on.

Finding the perfect online customer is really important exercise to undertake. Your perfect customer ideally is already your most profitable customer. In order to get the perfect online customers you can give best offers to the customers how are buying the products or services from you at regular intervals. Say for an example, Ms. Jenny is buying products from your online shopping store from last many months, then you can offer her discounts or free coupons so that she really appreciate and co-ordinate while she purchases products from your online stores. As soon as you are taking best care of your regular customer, they will surly recommend your online store to others and you can gain best traffic on your site.

If you really want to know and find the best and perfect online customer of yours then you have to see that which customers are visiting and buying the products so often from your online shop. That can help you best way as you can short out two different sheets, one with regular customers and the second is not-regular customers. You can provide best services and offers for your regular customers so that they will be interested to buy products from your online shop for the long time.

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