Free and Paid Web Directories

A web directory is a listing of websites categorized by the type of website instead of the keywords. Website owners will submit their website for inclusion in the web directory then an editor will review the website and will decide to either approve or reject it. A lot of these directories are made up of wide range of categories and will accept submissions mainly from any type of website. There are niche directories as well that will accept only submissions from certain niches.

There are a lot of differences between paid and free web directory submissions. The free type has been used for so many years by automated submitters that can automatically submit a website to thousands of different directories in just minutes. This has made it almost impossible for directory owner to go through the submissions manually and review them in a timelier manner. Most of the websites submitted are of low quality and are trying to simply get a link back to their website for free. Presently, majority of submissions to free directories are never reviewed at all.

There is another problem with the free directory type is that once the submission is done, webmasters are actually hit with spam. Directory owners will most of the time try to acquire a valid email address then go on spamming the person with loads of mail and offers.

On the other hand, paid directories have a team of employees that can review manually each and every website submitted. Mostly, the approval is faster and you will be given a notification if your website has been included. Since website owners pay for the inclusion, the directories are of much higher quality compared to the free ones and can give your website with much more valuable link. Remember that only because you are paying for it there is always guarantee that your website will be approved. Each directory has instituted quality guidelines that should be met before the website is listed.

One of the best benefits of paid web directory is that a lot of the websites will obtain higher page rank. This means they have high trust factor with Google and other search engines. This will give our site with a boost in search engine rankings. The website can get significant direct traffic coming from the paid directory. Most visitors will usually look into these directories searching for specific type of sites. As a result, your website is able to gain more exposure and can bring a number of new customers into your site.

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