Why Use Google Analytics

Like most of the services that Google offers, Google Analytics is for free. You can use this free tool from Google to track information on how visitors interact with your site. In your search engine optimization campaign, you use Google Analytics to help you track the performance of the keywords so you can have a successful campaign. With this, you will be able to determine the amount of traffic each keyword brings to your site. Free Google Analytics will be able to provide information about visitors coming into your site.

Here are the key benefits of using this free tool in your optimization campaign.

• It is absolutely free of charge. Even if it is a free tool, it can still offer the as much functionalities as other paying tools or even do so much more.

• It allows you to figure out how your visitors found your website. Aside from the core set of keywords you optimize, this tool also allows you to find out the keywords that your visitors are typing to find locate your website. In the first optimization campaign, the number of keywords may not be that much. But as time went you, you will be able to start getting more keywords that are listed in the organic listings, and this is because of your overall optimization effort.

• You will be able to determine the pages and links frequently clicked by visitors. This allows you to know the popular pages and links and measure if your optimization campaign is leading the traffic into the right pages.

• You get to know how many new visitors are being brought by your optimization campaign, or simply visitor segmentation. An easy way to accomplish this is to segment your analytic result by new or returning visitors, referral sources or geography.

• It lets you tweak your website. With this tool, you get the chance to calibrate your website and perform a new copywriting on any page which seemed to be not converting well. As a result, this can bring your site more quality prospects that will then allow you to generate more customers in the future.

With Free Google Analytics, you can collect data about the traffic from Google and at the same time collect data from other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN search results with respect to your website. The truth is that every marketing campaign online should be tracked so it can succeed. Tracking tools are very necessary so you can calculate the returns of investment your campaign has made.

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