Good Web Design Principles

Nowadays, promoting a website is best done online. Not only that it is inexpensive, it is cost-effective as well. It is an excellent and result-oriented alternative to those businesses that can’t afford costly media advertisements. To effectively promote your business online, you need to have a website with good quality website design.

However, not all companies possess the resources necessary in designing a website. This is where hiring a good website designer becomes a vital consideration to be made. Whether designing your website yourself or hiring professional ones to do the job, it is very important that the outcome is good enough to easily attract customers.

In designing a website, clean layout is very important as it will work in favor of the website. A simple yet clean presentation of text, right usage of images and spacing can bring out the features and specialties in your webpage. Avoid using a lot of images or making the font larger as it is only an indication that your website design is not professional and it can create negative reputation about your business’ professionalism.

Aside from the design elements of the website, the time it will take to load a web page is also a vital aspect in a website design. The use of graphical components such as video, audio, flash, images and others can greatly affect the speed of your website. Therefore using these elements must be kept to minimum. Oftentimes visitors would leave websites that is taking them a lot of time to load.
If in case it is necessary to use heavy graphical elements, the efficiency of your website can be increased if you use multiple frames in one page. This can help in significantly reducing the overheads to wait for the page to load. Multiple frames can be used by adding multiple HTML designs in every frame. So when clicking on a link, only the frame on the page will load.

A good website design is also one that is compatible of multiple browsers. It should work with different browsers otherwise you will lose half of your potential customers. So before you make your website live, its multi-browsers capability should be tested first.

Finally, your website should feature good, concise, easy to read and informative content. It is where your customers will know about your business and your offering. Hence it should be written well using short sentences and simple language. It must be free from spelling or grammatical errors.
When done well, a website design can help you entice more customers and visitors into your website.

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