How to Integrate Facebook in Your Website

Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the internet hence Facebook marketing must be a part of any online marketing strategy. To get started with marketing on Facebook, first you need to register for an account. It is a good idea to integrate your Facebook account with your blog. If you are using WordPress to power your site, you can use some tools to integrate Facebook with your WordPress bog.

Facebook has an application allowing you to plug the RSS feeds of your blog to your Facebook profile. When posting an article into your WordPress blog, it would show up on your profile. To allow this application, first you need to log into Facebook then click on account. Choose Application Settings and click on Notes. You can find a box on the right hand side that will ask you if you want to import a blog. Click on the available link and add your RSS feed then click Save. Your posts will now be posted on Facebook.

If you have created a Facebook fan page as part of your marketing strategy, you can then integrate it into your WordPress blog. Facebook Fan Box plugin displays a box on your blog that shows the recent updates on your pages and the fans who joined your page. This is a great way to encourage your visitors to become a fan on your Facebook page.

A WordPress plugin called WordPress Facebook Connect adds functionality of Facebook into your WordPress blog. Visitors can sign in to add comments into your blog using their Facebook account. The comments they added will show up in the newsfeeds. This plugin is great as it encourages the growth of community around your blog.

Another WordPress plugin known as Facebook Posted Items will display a list of items you posted on Facebook. When surfing the internet and you have found a website of interest, you can post a link to your Facebook profile and this link will appear on a list on your blog that your visitors can see and they will know what you have been up to online.

Another excellent tool that you surely are familiar about is the Facebook Live Stream that is perfect to use when there is a live event happening online. This plugin will enable the user to share comments as well as their activities on Facebook in real time. It is basically a convenient alternative to meet everyone and comment on what is happening.

Integrating Facebook on your website is a great way to boost your business brand. This can help you capture the attention of your target market. These tools can be used to build a community around your blog. The reward of this is gaining loyal audience you can spread around your marketing message.

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