How to Integrate Twitter in Your Website

One of the most popular ways of marketing a small business today is integrating Twitter, a great social networking site that can help in spreading the word about your business and the products or services you are offering. Twitter feeds are read widely both by members and non-members of Twitter.

When it comes to designing a website, there are a lot of different methods to incorporate Twitter into your website. Here are the types of Twitter integration methods you can use to promote your website or business.

Adding a widget into your site or blog is one of the most popular methods of integrating Twitter and even other social networking sites into your website. It is easy to add a widget, as simple as copy and paste. Such widgets are usually capable of containing various social media networks and this means that you are not limited to one social media site.

Twitter Tools are plugins for WordPress blogs, allowing you to integrate Twitter in your self-hosted blog in WordPress in a relatively fast and simple manner. You can make use of these tools to link to your Twitter page from your blog. You can add a tweet from the sidebar of your bog, a refreshing digest of your newest tweets or create a blog post from each of your tweets.

You can also easily add a Twitter button into your website or blog. These buttons are small and do not require special knowledge in programming. In addition, they also come in over than 35 different designs. You can add them to any small space of your website to attract readers to visit your Twitter page. Because they are on the small side and are available in variety of designs, a lot of people prefer using this.

Twitthis is a button allowing the readers to repost your information on their Twitter page. It is known as an effective and quick way of getting back links and if the tweeter took the interest in your information, you will be able to encourage more customers to visit your website.

There is a program available to everyone and it is called Chirrup. This will allow you to create a page promoting various references from everyday tweets that are consistent with the content of your website. This can also be used to promote re-tweeting. A similar program of it, called TweetSuite. What makes it different is that it is available only to self-hosted bloggers of WordPress. It works by taking the content of your website and references tweets from a certain day that are pertinent to the information.

However, it does require some more work compared to chirrup but when it comes to maintenance, you absolutely have nothing to be worried about. It does provide a fully functional re-tweet button, making your task much easier.

The last method to integrate Twitter into your website is through TwitterFeed. This enables the users to add tweets into the Twitter stream using RSS feeds. You can use this on your website or blog to inform readers of the new content available. This is a fun and easy way of keeping your readers interested.

These are the tools available that you can use to integrate Twitter into your small business or website.