Optimizing Website for Different Internet Browsers

There are a number of browsers and there are visitors that use some browsers that may not able to view your website correctly. In one point in their browsing, internet users may come across some websites that are not compatible with the browser that they are using.

There are some reasons why instances like this happen. No matter what the reason may be, as a website owner or as a businessman, you can’t afford to lose potential clients because of this.

The statistics of your website are considered goldmine of information about the people visiting your site. It can show you the type of resolutions or browsers that are most popular with the visitor of your site. Being able to know this information is a powerful source when it comes to creating a user friendly website that converts visitors into customers. After determining the majority of resolutions, you can then optimize your website in order for you to accommodate them. Remember that the purpose of your site is to give potential customers and visitors with information that they need. If you can’t address it, your competitor will do the move and this is when website statistics come into the scene.

If you are involved in web designing, you are familiar of the issues when designing a website that is compatible with Internet Explorer 6. Many web designers have scourged over IE6 as it brings along many problems and it is simply because they did not comply with the W3C web standards.

Depending on your visitor demographic, they could either be using the greatest and the latest browsers that were fully updated. Or visitors are using still Internet Explorer 6 browser. The best thing you can do is to do an update or two, or you can simply use decent browser like FireFox which is free and can run smoother without facing issues compared to Internet Explorer. It has a large repository of tools that are certainly free.

There are a lot more factors involved that makes a website not compatible to the browsers that visitors are using. If you are serious about bringing visitors into your site and higher rate of conversions, then you should work on those aspects most especially if you are running a mobile website.

Optimizing the screen widths and CSS compatibility makes the design of the mobile browser challenging, but not impossible.

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