Tips in Building your Own Website

Web designers do not like the idea of business owners creating website for their business on their own. The reason for this is not because it would mean less work for them but because the resulting website is not in accordance to what they expect.

Business owners are better running their business than in coding and designing. Those who try doing these two things at the same time end up with none. It is also proved to be more cost-effective to hire a web designer to build and design a website, saving business owners with time and ensuring better resultIn the past few years, this concept lost some of its spark most especially for startups with limited budgets. Open source CMS like WordPress and Joomla have given them with relatively small knowledge of web design the ability to make a business website in a cheaper and easier way.

You can create a functional site for your business whether you are running a retail store online or a local store that needs web presence. In order for you to do this well, you should have a good idea of what is possible and understand that making a good website does not have to be difficult and time consuming.

• Hosted web design services – There are two main options for small business owners that want to create their own website namely hosted web design services or open source CMS.

Hosted services are much and less versatile than open source content management systems. Such platforms are priced typically on a monthly or yearly basis of subscription. Users can select from a wide selection of templates on which to build the site and arrange the structure, look and feel of it with the drag and drop interface.

Each and every element of the template can be changed but users are typically restricted to the options that are being set by the template. These services can offer business owners with the ability to edit the template codes but for someone who lacks experience when it comes to web coding, this somehow defeats the purpose.

• Open source content management systems – Creating or designing a website using open source CMS may be quite challenging to someone with little to no experience. But it is the favorable option to hosted design services. This gives you with more control over the website design and makes it easier to modify as well as expand as your business progresses and grows. Open source CMS approach begins with user selecting a template which will dictate the website’s basic functionality, feel and look. The main difference is that this software is free and it can be used by anyone without paying a subscription.

Since CMS is an open source, it can be edited or modified by anyone. This implies that there is a greater range of templates to select from and the users are not limited by what is being offered by CMS.

Though WordPress has made designing a website fairly simple, those with no little amount of experience in web design might find it difficult to deal with the more technical aspects of fine-tuning it according to their requirements.

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