Tips in Using Colors in Web Design

Selecting the right and most appropriate colors for your website is important for it may affect the impression of your visitors regarding your site. When you start to build your own site, it is very important to spend some time in deciding the color scheme of your site. To help you out, here are some tips in choosing colors for your web.

• Take note of the power of contrast. When choosing the color scheme and placement of the colors in your website, make sure to select the single ‘wash’ style color for the page background and contrasting color for the text of the content. Traditional black text against while or light grey background would still work. However, you should not limit your option to such. You can also use other tonal shades. But make sure to avoid patterned backgrounds behind the text for it will not make the text readable.

• Colors are fun to play with, but don’t get carried away. The general rule for web design colors is ‘less is more’, but if you are designing a website for kids, you get an exception for that. Keep in mind that colors should be economically utilized and for maximum impact. Standard web design does not require the use of more than two or three main colors, with contrasting splashes that highlights the important elements. There are many websites that use neutral tones and different shades of the main colors. When it comes to the colors in the background, muted tones are great choice.

• Utilize the white space. If you notice in most high end products advertisements, the graphics and text used are featuring a lot of the white space with wide headers, footers and margins. This delivers a stylish appeal and focus into the product. In web design, similar approach should be considered. White space should be added in between blocks of the colored text and in the edges of the page. This can help direct the eyes of the visitors to the key elements on your website.

• Be careful if you decide light text on dark backgrounds. Though it was mentioned that contrast is the key in terms of placing colored text in a colored background, you should be very careful in placing darker text on a lighter background instead of doing it the other way. But using white text on black background can be effective for web design like websites of businesses that have Gothic tone. However it is not advised for blog sites and others pages having heavy text.

• Use colors that can fit the mood. It is important that the colors used in any place in web design fits with the mood intended for the website and the demographic area you wish to target.

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