Tools for Website Cross Browser Capability Testing

Building your site to work properly and at the same time look good in different browsers is a fact of business dealt by web designers. Probably, it is one of the most frustrating aspects of web design but fortunately, there are available tools to help you and keep you from getting disappointed most of the time and they are as follows:

Adobe Browser Lab is a tool showing screenshots of your site as viewed by various environments. The default test is including Firefox 3.0 on Windows XP and OS X, Safari 3.0 on OS X and Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP. You can alter the browser that you want to test on Browser Sets. One of the nice features about this is the 2-up view that allows you to evaluate side by side views of your website in various browsers. You will require an active Adobe account to use this website.

With Browser Shots, screenshots of your site can be viewed as it displays in various browsers with great customization degree. The browser shots enable you to select the size, JavaScript, Flash settings and color depth of the screen. This website is featuring the kitchen sink of list of browsers including a few you may have not known about before.

This is a free option for taking a glance at multiple browsers. You have to keep your requests speedy by choosing a small sample of browsers. You may have to grab a cup of coffee while waiting for the screenshots if you have chosen every browser from SeaMonkey to Avant.

SuperView is another tool you can use for website cross browser compatibility testing. Microsfot works towards making your life easier. This tool allows optimizing for various platforms of Internet Explorer a little less painful. The SuperView download for IE lets you check your site in different Internet Explorer versions.

Side by side viewing options vertically or horizontally stack. Also, there is an overlay options enabling you to work out small differences on layout. Guides, rulers as well as other toys alleviate the burden of tweaks on compatibility. Compared to other testing options, SuperView will let you test pages as you develop them on local machine. Although this program is still under development, it is said to be already promising.

Aside from screenshots, another tool called Litmus allows you to check your site in many different browsers, create reports and track bugs. In addition, it also has a feature that works also on sites that are password protected.

In Cross Browser testing, you should choose an operating system, select a browser and you’re good to go. Properly organized screenshot views on different browsers can give you a nice overview of your websites.