Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips

Follow these simple Internet marketing tips and you will be well on the way to attracting customers to your website:

1. Create a perfect customer and give him a name, ask yourself what are his/her needs, what search term is he/she looking for.

2. How much is your customer worth – e.g. is each of your customers worth $25 or $50 of internet marketing spend.

3. Sign up to Google’s free webmaster tools – these include Google Local Listing, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. The information Google provides through its Google Analytics tools is invaluable for anyone who wants to turn their website into a internet marketing tool.

4. Sign up to a Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Facebook paid listing services.

5. Create a Facebook business page and tell everyone.

6. List your website on any relevant holiday/ accommodation directories – Search for search terms e.g. ‘Self Contained Accommodation South Coast NSW’ and negotiate a top of the page website listing or advert placement e.g. – Call to negotiate.

7. Create a long term website Search Engine Optimisation strategy – Think long term and invest in your website. If you can get a 200 potential customers per month looking at your website how much is this worth, what price do you put on 10 of these customers?

8. Email Marketing – treat every booking as a promoter of your product. Collect an opt-in email addresses and reviews, keep them on a database and email promotions at relevant periods throughout the year.

9. Write about your services or products – Submit articles to leading article directories including and link back to your website. E.g. “Things to do in Batemans Bay”.

10. Promote your business everywhere and to anyone who listen – Social events and public events present the perfect opportunity to give out business cards – business cards can lead to website traffic.

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