Using Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is a great tool for communicating information to your followers. It is also used to engage with them. There are a few features of Twitter that helps businesses in making better connections and building brand exposures. Here are some of the things you should learn about Twitter to help you make the most of your website marketing strategy.

• Make use of advanced search options to find opportunities. Twitter has an advanced search that will allow you to insert the keywords people are using in conversations to locate your product or service. In addition, the search function can also help you target tweets from certain areas so you can stay within the community. Local businesses are able to reach out this way to tweeters in their area.

• Make tweets as often as you can to improve search engine optimization. Tweeting more often can help you in staying active on the newsfeeds while at the same time improving as well your ranking in online searches. It is ideal to use keyword-rich sentences in your tweets as often as you can. If you are unable to get the name of your company as your Twitter handle, make sure you have it included in your bio. Your bio is public and open to search and because of this, the use of keywords in there can make Google index content related to your business.

• Get connected with media. Using tools like Muckrack and Cision’s Journalist Tweets can help you find editors, journalists and procedures and to know how active they are on this social media site. Such tools can help you in deciding the media outlets you want your business to be featured in and allow you to connect with journalists working there.

• Connect to people through mobile phones. Mobile messaging has become among the best ways to connect with potential clients, an option on Twitter allows you to have all your tweets sent directly as text to your followers. You need not to sign up and when you posted a tweet, if someone subscribed into your tweets from their cell phone, they will receive your tweets automatically on their device.

• Boost traffic by changing the link headlines every time you tweet your followers. You can increase traffic to new blog posts or other content that you share on Tweeter by tweeting them for ten times or more using variety of headlines every time. Twitter is great for ongoing live traffic 24/7 so posting for several times can give you with a higher chance to gain more exposure. Modifying the headlines can also draw more people and by posting at different times, you will be able to reach more people in different time zones.

Social media has been used by many business owners who want to succeed in their marketing campaigns and as long as it is used properly, one can obtain the benefits it has to offer. Twitter is an excellent tool where you can discover what your target market has been talking about and what they are searching for. It can help you generate more website traffic.

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