W3C Web Design Standards

W3C website design and programming standards determine an Open Web Platform for application development that offers extraordinary potential to allow developers to make rich interactive experiences, plied by huge data stores available on any device. There are certain benefits that you can gain in complying with the W3C guidelines and advantages it can give to your website design and userability.

• Your website is accessible by users with disabilities. This is a vast deal for there are more than 32 million disabled adults in the US, and another 5 million youth who are under 18 years old. If your site is not accessible by these millions of users, chances are you are potentially ignoring a massive amount of potential customers that can truly make a difference in your business, income wise.

• Your website will be accessible to older users. Older web users are increasing market and they are important target group for most businesses. If you make your site accessible to them, then the content in your site can be accessed using magnifiers, screen readers or any other tools used by senior citizens.

• Your website can be available for users with non-standard browsers. Most disable people and able bodied alike that use non-standard browsers will be able to use your site if it abides with the web accessibility guidelines. There are an ever-increasing number of non-standard browsers like PDAs and iPhones that you may want to reach.

• Your website will be indexed by search engines easily. If you make your sites accessible to disabled visitors as well as non-standard browser users, it would be very easy for spiders to crawl and index your site. Search engines such as Google, Bing and others may deliver search results based on the content that were being accessed and indexed by their spiders.

• Your website will be accessed by users that have old devices. Though there are a lot of brand new computers being offered in the market today, not many people own one. In addition, not everyone has high speed ADSL connection and users with poor internet connections regularly turn off images to somehow enable quicker download time. Also, some browsers are text only and image display is not enabled.

• Your business becomes more socially responsible. If you take into account the needs of disabled, impaired, young and older users, your business is likely to get more customers which mean that you can generate more profits in your business.

In the highly competitive world of online marketing, everybody wants to create a website that is accessed by all kinds of online users. Complying with the W3C web accessibility standards can help you accomplish all these for your business.

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