Website Analytic Software Explained

Analytics can be said as a doctor for your website. Just imagine you have a site with a lot of traffic, but you simply don’t know from where they are coming, why they are coming, and what they are doing to your site. Then will you be able to do business? Analytic software simply helps you to know about the traffic and helps you to improve the quality of the traffic.

Now how can you get analytics? There are most web servers that offer free analytics service also known as log files. But the problem with such web server analytics is that they are a bit complex to understand. There are many webmasters who simply avoids using log files to know about their traffic. One another big problem with log files is that they offer limited data to all. They are also raw un-processed data. As an example if you need to search for a keyword’s total number of occurrence for a given period, these log files will be of no help. So after that you have to manually do it by your own. It is not only time consuming but also very hard to do too.

Now let’s talk about that how you can get a good web analytics software? There are many web analytics software available online. Some are paid and some are free. But the best one would be having Google Analytics because it’s completely free and it gives enough data for anyone to take a decision.

You will surly think that why is web analytics is so that important, let’s talk about that now. Web analytics simply gives you a lot of information about the traffic of your website. For an example you can know the total perfect traffic, unique traffic, total page views, referrers, keywords using which the visitors came to your site, entry pages, exit pages, total conversions etc. Analytics is more important for the people who are doing business through their website. However if you have a personal website without any business objective, you may not need analytics.

Analytics simply helps you best way to take important business decisions any time you want. Now let’s take an example. You have a website that sells t-shirts. You are selling blue, white, red, green and purple t-shirts. For some strange reason you sell white t-shirts more than others. You want know why? So you dig into your website’s analytics.

Now looking into the analytics you will find that your site has come in top ranks in the search engines for the keywords “white t-shirts” because of two reasons and they are, first one is 65% of the keywords contained “white t-shirts”, and the second is 75% if traffic was from the search engines. Now to check you searched for “white t-shirt” in the search engines and found that your site was ranked 3rd. you will be happy. Who is going to give you this information? No doubt, web analytics! It is simply based on what you found out, you can surly take good and lot of best business decisions. For an example make white t-shirt more, write more content related to white t-shirt to stay in the top rankings of the search engines, and after that you can offer a discount on the second white t-shirt and more.

This is one of the best examples of why analytics software are so much important and how can they help you in your business.

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