What Makes a Good Website Design?

A good website design can capture the interest and attention of online users and will online them to explore it further. The ultimate goal of website is to convert visitors into customers. There are a lot of factors that can influence the decision of online surfers and one of the most crucial is navigation.

So what is website navigation and how does it affect the decision of online users to stay or leave the website they are visiting? Navigation is the inroad you build for online users to get around and find the information they are looking for from your website. It has been known that if the surfers do not get what they want within three clicks of the mouse, chances are they would leave the website to look for another.

A good website design therefore should ensure the online users know where the information is and how they can get there. It is essential for your website to be user-friendly and ease in navigation in order for users to get around the website more easily. There are ten tips to make sure your website has good navigation.

For easier maneuverability and consistency, you should keep the navigation bar on top of your website and repeat on in each of your web page. Make sure the ‘Contact Us’ button is easy for visitors to find. It is important also that your Site Map button is clearly visible. For most internet users, this will serve as the entry point into you site. The links must be described in clear language in order for surfers to know exactly where the click is going to direct them.

Your ‘Home Page’ button has to be present and visible instantly on every webpage. Ideally, it would be nice to have the logo linked into your home page so when users click upon it, they will be redirected into the home page. If a single page is too long, it would be best to introduce ‘page jumps’. These are links that will take internet users to the different parts of the page so they need not to search through the entire page before they find what they are looking for.

A good website design also has search bar on the website, commonly available to all pages. Most internet users would love this as it can help save them the trouble of scrolling up and down searching for information. Consistency plays a vital role in a good website design. The navigation structure of your website should be consistent throughout your webpage. Good navigation means internet users don’t have to go to the home each time they need to visit another page.

An important but often overlooked feature of a good website design is the ‘call to action’ button. This should be clearly defined and prominently display. Internet users must be able to know what will happen when they click on the button.

Finally, a good website design should have eye-soothing colors and fonts. Having a loud website design that screams with colors is a big no-no.

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