What you need to Know about HTML5

You probably have heard the term HTML5 from others but don’t know exactly what they are talking about. Being able to know what this term means is becoming more important these days for it is going to replace Flash in the near future, according to Steve Jobs. But in order for you to understand better HTML5, it is ideal first to take a look at what HTML means.

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language which is a formatting language that enables what you see when you surf the internet. It provides short codes known as tags that are then saved as files. Your browser will read these files and the following text to present you with what you see on a specific page. There are a number of markup languages that were made, but only HTML is considered the most popular. HTML is the one responsible tables and images.

While the internet continues to evolve, HTML has been constantly revised to provide web users with better experience. An organization called W3C determines the direction HTML should take in the future. It is concerned with taking the web into the next level and they are the organization that is behind the HTML5. HTML5 is the revision of HTML that will be released in 2012. The advent of this new evolution of HTML is a huge deal for it is going to provide variety of upgrades that are known to allow the web to function in a more enhanced capacity.

One of the focuses of HTML5 is improving the compatibility required between websites, mobile devices and other 3rd party platforms. It is believed that HTML5 is going to make the connections of these would work more smoothly than what we currently have. Designers are planning that HTML5 would enable faster loading times of websites. Many people are advising currently that HTML5 is going to replace Flash in the next years.

HTML5 encompasses wide range of modifications that will change the way people would use the internet. For instance, it will allow visitors to edit the websites they visit. It will assist users with geolocation. The list of these enhancements will come along with the new HTML5 is really big and exciting.

The great news that come along with HTML5 is current website that were designed in HTML will be compatible with this. This means that the sites you are using and visiting would work still.

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