Why Colour is Important in Branding

Colour has a vital role to play in branding, regardless of the size of he company. It helps in building familiarity to customers and trust for the business but when not used correctly, can easily turn potential customers away.

Colour can distinguish your company from the others. It can give brand some emotion, depending on the colour you have chosen or what you want to convey with your brand, colour can show it and it can make you stand out of the rest.

The right choice of color is important as to where customers are engaged by a brand. So how do you go about selecting the right colour for your business? It is about what you are trying to say about your business and considering your target audience as well. Is it for the professional and corporate, or for the youthful? Basically, the choice of colour depends on what you want to say to people about your brand.

Brand identity is crucial as it works around linking the cultural cues to the visual language. It is very important that a small business understands what the cultural meanings that are related to different colours.

Another way of deciding the colour you should choose for your brand is investigating those trends which might be related into your brand and the colours that are associated with such trends and what they mean.

Choosing the right colours is also about differentiation. When talking about brands that visually position themselves, it is relative to the competition so you should know the colours that are owned by your competing brands in the market and make sure you choose a different colour.

In addition, product based businesses can allow the colour of their offering to influence the colour of their brand. Others think about art direction and typography. The thing which sets the brands apart is they have used typo in bringing the colour to life. The use of art direction as well as typography is very important in making you different if your competitors have the same colours. It is crucial as well for the colours to align with the target market of the brand.

It is also vital that you understand the cultural context of the brand and make sure that the choice of colour is made based on that. The use of colour online can add complexities to the choice when you create a brand. Online would be a lot difficult to get right. It is also important when matching the colour of the brand and typography to ensure the final combination is not already registered to be a trademark.

There are many important factors to be considered when choosing the right colours for your brand. It is not enough to choose a particular colour only because it is your favorite and it is what you think would catch the attention of your prospective buyers. Factors such as how it represents and relates your brand and if it has already been used by your competitors must be greatly considered.

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